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Half Way there (Baby Post) [Mar. 23rd, 2009|08:40 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
I am at 20 weeks and there is one thing I know.

I am having a ninja. I don't show. As a matter of fact, I have lost weight. I am more mobile than I have been in a while (when my ankle lets me). The baby moves in the evening, or when there is loud noises or it likes the food I am eating. Or flails when I have a nightmare.

And that, I guess having a ninja is cool. One place it was NOT cool. Babies "r" us. Where trampy looking women pushing out their bumps who seemed to be constantly snacking on crap thought it was okay to bash into me with their shopping carts. This kept happening. Like "Hey, you have no reason to BE here." I do, and I am tired of being hit. I started to "bubble"- which if cart, person, or family started to bash into me, I would put a hand in front of me. Then, they got the point. Not everyone looks the same.

Well, the crib is bought. It is too fugging big and not sure where it will go, but we got one. Allen's mom got it. But she doesn't like the idea of the baby and skulls...I smiled and told her that it is my baby, and I will decorate with MY tastes. She is kind of going nuts, but with money issues right now, it is okay that she is a bit.

So, yesterday to kick off the shopping day, Beth brings over a "diaper cake." yes, a cake of diapers, washcloths and onesies.
Allen sees it and when he picks me up asks what it is.

"A diaper cake."
"It is a cake made of diapers. your mom got it at the Air Force wives' auction."

We have dinner and come home...where Allen proceeds to "rip apart" said diaper cake to find the washcloths and onesies...destroying the whole thing. I have to kind of mush it back into place and tie up the netting. Still not sure where I am going to put this crap.

I take a onesie and look at it...And we start. Our eyes turn red, and I tell him to stop right there...We start crying. It is starting to hit us. This is real.

Medical is slow as duck doodoo in doing anything...and it took me since late december to even get anything. I finally have an appointment on Weds. Not sure what is in store, but wish us luck.
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Terminator Salvation Trailer EEEE!!!! [Mar. 3rd, 2009|11:21 am]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[mood |excitedexcited]

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I hear this noise EVERYWHERE! [Mar. 3rd, 2009|10:31 am]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
<a href="http://trainhorns.net/sound/"><img src="http://trainhorns.net/sound/img/passed.png" alt="Train Horns" /></a><p>Created by <a href="http://trainhorns.net">Train Horns</a></p>
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INDOOR Powwow-Saturday and Sunday at North High! [Feb. 13th, 2009|02:47 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
INDOOR Powwow-Saturday and Sunday at North High!

Just wanted to tell those interested in the Powwow, it is indoors in the gym.
There are vendors on the way to the gym, and Dancing bear trading post has some great crafting stuff there!
We will be there early...but any time after noon is cool. We should have our fold-up wooden chairs. Bring a chair or there are bleachers. If you sit in the bleachers..ya may want a pillow.

It is also cool to pack food, but the frybread there is inexpensive. Most people bring coolers.

Alcohol is NOT welcome.

For more information on powwows-and powwow etiquette please check:

for what a powwow is: http://www. powwows. com/info/?p=47

powwow etiquette: http://www. powwows. com/info/?p=45

It is at: North Torrance High School on 182nd. Cross streets: 182 and Yukon.
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X Posted- Pregnant Ky speaks about the Uterus with a head. [Feb. 10th, 2009|02:12 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
I haven't said anything about it, but when olafthunderfoot 
Brought up the Octuplet mom in CA, I did have some words.

WTF was this woman thinking?
First of all, she doesn't want welfare. If you see the bad lip injection that makes her look like she is sucking on a doorknob, she wants her "15 minutes" on Fugging TV. She wanted to cash in on that "John and Kate + 8" watchers.

She wanted the free baby crap that comes with multiples. What about her other six kids? What kind of life has she given them? They are all in-vitro, too. Even if she was flippin' burgers to support all of them, I would say..well, that is not right, but at least she is trying to support them.

There is no other parental figure...Male or Female to help. She decided to be a breeding machine without a partner. It is hard for a couple to have one together, but Fourteen!!!

 I am not of the mind that more is better. Yes, I want children. No, I don't want a baseball team. Birth control or sterilization is an option. Has this woman ever heard of child spacing? Uterine prolapse?

I am doing my damndest to make, trade, or slowly get gear for the baby. Because it is our responsibility to provide, not corporate sponsors. I do get some support from WIC at the moment, but we were unemployed for many months and just trying to get on our feet. It is mostly milk and some cereal so I get nutrients and a good start.

What are your thoughts?

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The switch is stopped...for the moment [Jan. 27th, 2009|11:03 am]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
I was right! I knew that it would not be in Feb...

DTV transition delayed until June 12, 2009

More here...

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Look at this Prop! [Jan. 26th, 2009|05:42 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
From Bud K  $ 8.99
I am Ninja! Explore the origins and history of the first "shadow warriors." Sterling Books

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::peeks out:: [Jan. 21st, 2009|10:35 am]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[mood |sicksick]

Still here and around. Doing my best to clean when I have the energy...which can be at 6 in the morning, 11 at night..or any other inconvenient time for Allen while he is sleeping.

Learning that breakfast...I rent it most days, so I don't eat anything I really really like.

Popcorn and Pastrami are my cravings...pastrami, maybe 1x/month...popcorn, too damn often.

Sent out Al for Hagen Daz Raspberry sorbet at 11pm last week. Still working on my little tub.

Sleep either eludes me or I turn into rip van kyrene.
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Guy and Frieda Jones buy Third Planet! [Jan. 9th, 2009|01:14 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
For all the Rennies to take Note:
For all others...This is the Costume Directors from RPF and Mama Zini.
(Al and I just felt our world getting ever smaller)

Third Planet Not Dead Yet

So these past two weeks were emotional ones, for many of you, and the entire staff of Third Planet. I don't know if I could ever express how moving it was go see so many of you in such a short span of time coming in, not to pick the bones of a dying store, but to genuinely say goodbye to something that meant a lot to you. It proved what I always said, that Third Planet wasn't just a store, but the center of a community of gamers. On behalf of myself and the staff of Third Planet I'd like to thank you not only for your patronage over the years, but for your involvement in our community.

But the Third Planet story does not end here with this e-mail. I wasn't the only one who noticed your pilgrimage to our shop in its last days. Regular customer and friend of the store Guy Jones and his wife Frieda also felt that a Third Planet-sized hole in Torrance was something that should never happen. Just a few days ago they made a deal with Rob North and purchased the business in its last days and intend to re-open it as soon as possible.

Due to events already being set in motion, the store had to be shut down, but Guy is currently negotiating with our landlord to secure our original location and we don't foresee any complications in re-opening the store in its current location.

As I know more about the re-opening of the store I'll send out another e-mail but we don't expect to be out of commission for more than a few weeks. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please direct all of your e-mails to thirdplanetevents@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to address them as best I can.

Thank you
Scott J Grunewald
Manager, Third Planet
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Writer's Block: Church and State [Jan. 4th, 2009|12:10 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[Tags|, ]

Today in 1893 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison declared full amnesty for Mormon polygamists. Is it the government's place to define which marriages are valid and which are not?
Wow, a good question. Firstly, on the subject of polygamy.

My View:
I believe Polygamy, Polygyny, Polyandry, and group marriage.
It takes a certain type of person who can really make any of these situations work. It also takes a lot of communication and time dedicated to EACH partner to make it work.

As for the government defining which marriages are valid and which are not...this is a slippery slope. In my opinion there are two types of marriage, one may overlap the other. The first is secular or (habitation agreement) marriage. The second is a spiritual union which also has a habitation agreement.

I currently am handfasted to my husband, but we have no paperwork at this time. It is a spiritual union that we will eventually have to get the paperwork for because of legalities.

If a Woman or Man wants to have more than one "Partner".(..legally there is only two partners allowed in a union in the U.S.)
a person can claim them as a "spiritual" union.

Here is the disclaimer. I believe that a person should be able to have a union with a partner of their choice. I also believe it should be a consentual agreement among adults of age. And if you can't provide for the multiple partners or agree to make multiple incomes work, then DON'T DO IT.

Now to answer the question posed.
The government defines marriage because of the legal issues posed. If we want to change what the definition of  what marriage is...we have to speak out about it.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term polygamy (a Greek word meaning "the practice of multiple marriage") is used in related ways in social anthropology, sociobiology, and sociology. Polygamy can be defined as any "form of marriage in which a person [has] more than one spouse."[1]

In social anthropology, polygamy is the practice of marriage to more than one spouse simultaneously. Historically, polygamy has been practiced as polygyny (one man having more than one wife), or as polyandry (one woman having more than one husband), or, less commonly as group marriage (husbands having many wives and those wives having many husbands). (See "Forms of Polygamy" below.) In contrast, monogamy is the practice of each person having only one spouse. Like monogamy, the term is often used in a de facto sense, applying regardless of whether the relationships are recognized by the state (see marriage for a discussion on the extent to which states can and do recognize potentially and actually polygamous forms as valid).

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