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Damn, It has been too long. [Aug. 5th, 2012|11:32 am]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[mood |blahblah]

I haven't posted on here in ages. The latest thing I am dealing with is recovering from having my right big toe amputated. I also have diabetes. Found that out the same night they told me I would lose the toe. I am settling into the routine. I don't like it, but who likes taking insulin?
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Writer's Block: Childhood Firsts [Jun. 30th, 2009|09:08 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos

What was your first word?

Copabacia. I was under a year old and they had my crib out in the Living Room. Which had PBS on all the time. My parents were mystified about what this word I was saying. Then, one day I sat up at pointed at the screen, saying "Copabacia! Copabacia!" It was the "Corporation of Public Broadcasters." So, Corporation. Not mama or dada.
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Recipe Time! [Jun. 29th, 2009|11:23 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos

Evergrey posted about the joys of the halal market, and I shared a recipe that I love to make. It is Paneer, a type of cheese from India. It can be pricey, but it is actually easy to make. Add herbs right near the end, and I like to put a little kosher salt to give it a feta-like taste.

This is for a gallon of milk- Use Vitamin D (full fat)

1/2 Cup of Lemon juice or Vinegar (not rice wine-not enough acid) or a mix of the two.

1 gallon Milk

Cheesecloth or woven cotton towel (my favorite and you can find at a dollar store) not the terry-cloth type.

Slowly heat the milk until it reaches a boil. Add in the Lemon Juice/vinegar and stir until curds start to form.

Turn off heat until you can see they whey and curds have separated. (BTW- the whey is high in protein and also good to drink or wash your face with)

Set the cheesecloth or toweling in a strainer. Pour the contents of the pot into the strainer -if you want to keep the whey put a bowl underneath.

The mixture is hot, but when you can, gather the sides, make sure the cheese is in the center of the cloth, and begin twisting the cheese into a ball. if you want softer paneer, press it once and then put into a container...I use a ziploc reusable.

If you like a firmer texture to use in saag paneer, then twist it a few times ove the course of about 10 minutes. you can store it in a ball, or press it into a container.

It sounds tricky, but after the first time, it is not that difficult.
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Getting ready for a party...Wanna come? [Jun. 23rd, 2009|12:21 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
Hey all, I know I post really random on here, but I am planning a party for this Saturday> I sent out invites last week and it looks like not everyone got them.

So, If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to come to the party, it will be in Lakewood at 2pm. For more info, message me w/your email address so I can send an invite.

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Writer's Block: Conversion Rate [Jun. 17th, 2009|10:07 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[Tags|, ]

Have you ever considered converting to another religion?
Have converted, and have considered also becoming 3 others....so for the right now "Polytheist" works for me.

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April 16th, been almost 2 weeks (graphic) [Apr. 16th, 2009|01:29 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]


I think I am ready to talk about this now.

Allen and I lost the second baby on Friday, April 3 2009. I began to stain (not even spot) late Thursday night.
Friday, I called the Doctor and he said, "If it gets worse, go to the hospital."

If did get worse. At 4:30 p.m I felt like I was getting socked in my ribcage, and the bleeding became more pronounced. I called Allen and he came home 15 minutes later. We went across town (in Friday traffic) to the hospital. In the car, I put myself under hypnosis so I didn't lose it completely. We had a helluva time finding parking, and I walked into the E.R., gave my name, and then said, "I need a pad."

I went into the ER restroom and had Al come in with me. I knew something BIG had gone wrong. (NOTE: I did NOT have this happen the first time, the first time was some slight bleeding and that was it.)

I lost the baby right there, along with a LOT of blood. Allen was (and still is) amazed by the amount I lost all at once. I was in shock. I retrieved the sac with the baby in it...Yes, I reached into the Toit and did it, and put it on a few towels.

I tried to clean up as best as possible, but I was a MESS.

I went quickly to the triage window, where I told them I had miscarried right then and there, and I had the embryo. I was quickly put through triage, gave me my groovy name band, then had to wait.

My name was called, and a tech who was very silent led us a long way to the ultrasound area. I was still bleeding profusely. The hoobajoob hurt so much more, and I expelled the placenta. It was like giving birth with ultrasound torture.

When I came out, we waited and waited. My mom came and brought snacks, a couple magazines and a bead catalog to take my mind off things.

Dracthyus came and lent his support - and had some of that fine ER coffee.

People were actually PISSED at me that I was getting treatment. Old people with a fart crosswise, mostly. I had one of those blue pads I carried around so I didn't get blood on the ER seats, and they were whining that they had been there 4 hours.

I was able to have two Arnold Palmers, and then they wanted a blood sample. (Do you ever notice that when you LOSE a lot of blood, that they want more of it out of you? I got another armband, this time orange. I told the Phlebotomist...this is like a club. I get taken back to VIP rooms, and then get another armband.

Oh, and did I mention my complete FEAR of needles and Hospitals? (This does factor in, trust me.) My fear - along with the great blood loss made me a freakin' stand-up comedian that thought everything was funny.

The nice lady who was helping me in triage saw me as she was coming off of her shift, and said that she would see where they were and hurry everything up. I never got her name, but she helped a lot. Then, we waited again. All four of us staring at the Aquarium DVD that I have a copy of, and commenting how the crabs got a raw deal.

My name was called again. I held tight to Allen as we went into the ER and my bay. The tech told me to disrobe and put on a hospital robe - that was too small. I said, "I am going to keep my clothes on. It is cold in here." When he left, I became claustrophobic. I backed into a wall and started shouting, "I WANT TO GO HOME. I AM ALL DONE AND I WANT TO GO HOME." Over and over. Allen went out and informed the nurse of my phobia, and calmed me down, put on the T.V. and got a bigger gown.

I had more tests, but I was watching Adult Swim, or a travel or cooking show, so I didn't care. Then the doctor comes in for the final exam. I had pretty much expelled everything at once. There was almost no blood, and I was told that if I miscarried a THIRD time, then they would look into it. I was given a prescription, then signed the papers and left the hospital.

I went to Norm's after that, and had a side salad and hash browns. Came home, took a shower, and went to bed. The next week I tried to keep busy and rest when I needed to, but I was just trying to forget.

Monday, we got the all-clear, and I got on the pill. Not sure for how long, we may try again in the near future. For right now, I am taking time to finish projects and get my life in some sort of order.

During this time, we got hit with some bad financial news, too. We are now sorting that out, and I finished the Affidavit for Chase that needed to be sent out.

LIke I said in a letter (Fueled by Hypnotiq and frozen grapes) - We just wanted a mote of happiness, to have a child and raise it, to show it the beautiful things in life, to teach it what we know. I have been asking the "why" for a while.

On Easter Sunday, I found a poem in my grama's devotional that really touched me. I am pagan, but I will put it in here with some tweaking (to fit what I took away from it.)

When the Fog Has Lifted

There are burdens we must carry
And sorrows we must bear,
And sometimes we're disappointed
By answers to our prayers.
There are times our faith is tested
And doubts and fears creep in,
But testing makes us stronger
Where there's a Will to win.
When we pray that the Creator will heal us,
Sometime's the answer's "No."
And it's hard to understand
Why we must suffer so.
Sometimes sorrows beget blessings
In ways we do not know;
When we truly learn to trust (In the Creator)
And faith begins to grow.
Sometimes we fail to recognize
The Creator's footprints in the sand
In the times that we were carried
And we didn't understand.
We should never be discouraged
By burdens we must bear
For when the fog has lifted,
We see the Creator's presence there!

We have had some really healing experiences. We had lunch with the Morgan clan, and Allen loved spending time with Ken. At faire this past Saturday, I took care of little Hailey for a short while. (Momma was pregnant with her last year @ faire.)

We will try again, I am sure, but we are strangely stronger from the experience. I also will have prenatal vites and WIC for the next 6 months so it will prepare my body to try again.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes, words of encouragement, and calling or mailing to see how we are.

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IMPORTANT announcement. More to come. [Apr. 6th, 2009|12:46 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[mood |distresseddistressed]

I miscarried on Friday.

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Dreams and Odd Occurances, Need more tests [Mar. 30th, 2009|08:50 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
Last night I dreamed Allen and I were living in the apartment behind Emerald Knights (a Game Shop in Burbank) and he lost one of his eyes. I told him to wait until the morning to replace it with a worthy one from the jar of assorted eyes that were on a side table.

Right after that, it merged into a giant orgy.

When I woke up, I told Allen about the dream. We went to take a shower. Outside the bathroom window was a HUGE raven, staring in at us.

Today I received the test results. Which were not at the doctors office until AFTER the visit. I need another blood and urine test. I am suspecting from the results and a lot of researching that  I may have gestational diabetes, and maybe a yeast or UTI infection. I also am recovering from a mold attack and had a lot of stress in the past few months that may have skewed a few of the numbers, too. It is a fasting test, but I can schedule it within the next two weeks. I am thinking Friday or Monday to give some time to relax and not be so anxious.

The baby so far looks healthy, and I have to get another ultrasound in two weeks. The nurse had no idea of EDD (estimated due date) and gave me four really odd ones. So, I am going to go with the estimation of the ultrasound tech. After the ultrasound, I have to go into the OBGYN again, and then in early May when I will have an ultrasound there.

Are all these ultrasounds normal?
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6 weeks - saw the <3 Beat! Ninja Baby! [Mar. 27th, 2009|09:30 am]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
[mood |happyhappy]

Going from total devastation to total elation in a day is so tiring.

Well, I called the Doctors office about 3pm and asked "So, am I pregnant?"
Twice she got off the phone (possibly to get the OK) and then came back and said, "I am not supposed to tell you this, but you are 6 weeks pregnant. We saw a heart beat.

At the hospital ultrasound, we saw a little pulse, but because a doctor was not there the tech could not confirm it.

We were supposed to go to dinner at Allen's parents - and did get there and told the news. Confused but elated, too. B* said it would give her more time to shop!

The doctors office called again, but I only heard the voicemail go off (screwy phone) and called back the number.

The doctor answered, and he said "We're all good. (He cracks me up- I really like him.)

So, back to the morning sickness which has now been hitting with a vengeance. I have been nauseous for a week and I thought it was just because of the allergic reaction and subsequent yuckies that followed that I was having a hard time keeping things down.

We tried for a year, and then conceived. The second time, well...again. Ninja baby. He came from under the radar. The estimated date of conception is Feb 14. The day of the Powwow at North High. The last one was conceived right after a sweat lodge.

This little one wants to be here. I have felt a "presence" that I did not feel the first time.

I did calculations, and the estimated due date has now changed to around Nov.2
Hahahahaha. Yeah. That's right. Dia de los Muertos. All Allen could say is "it's your baby."  Conceive on Valentines, Deliver on Dia de los Muertos? Hmmmmm.

Thank you all for your concern, calls, prayers, and thoughts. We really appreciate it and I had to share the good news ASAP.
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confused [Mar. 25th, 2009|08:18 pm]
Kyrene the Fridge Mastigos
Um, Ultrasound says: Not 20 weeks...maybe not pregnant?? WTF?? Lots of tests and will know by the 30th
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